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green vibes project

The Green Vibes Project's (GVP) mission was to inspire awareness and discussion on sustainable music-making through new small ensemble commissions. The project was started in 2018 by husband and wife, Chase and Christine Banks, because they saw a need for sustainability awareness in the classical music industry. 

As the name states, this “green” organization focused on commissioning music that utilized metal-based instruments and/or recycled instrumentation (i.e. recyclable materials such as scrap metal, cardboard, glass bottles, etc.) to promote environmental sustainability and provide meaningful repertoire to music literature. Deforestation and over-harvesting of the wood necessary to build quality 21st-century instruments not only impacts accessibility to those expensive instruments but hinders worldwide goals towards defeating climate change. GVP utilized commissioning series to invite a handful of composers and musicians each year to perform a world premiere concert, including professional recordings that build our database of sustainable pieces.

The Green Vibes Project 501(c)3 officially ceased operations on May 1, 2023 and all assets have been donated per FL statutes.

The Green Vibes Project inspired environmental awareness, discussion, education, and community through the performance and commissioning of new music.

The Green Vibes Project’s vision included a musical universe where not only musicians, but music lovers and audiences, understand the impact they have on the environment and how they can make a difference in it.

No Music on a dead planet (2022)

Composed by: JaRon brown

A Castle in the air

Composed by: andrew patzig

trance I

Composed by: ivan trevino

Ocean vibes

Composed by: Taylor Ambrosio Wood

trance II

Composed by: ivan trevino

white ranger

Composed by: andrea venet

Please scream inside
your heart

Composed by: adam b. silverman


Composed by: caleb pickering

indiscernible sense

Composed by: ryan robinson


Composed by: Aleyna M. Brown


Composed by: joe w. moore III


Composed by: cameron brown

A Big, Floating, Blue Ball
(It's where I keep my stuff) (2018)

Composed by: ryan J. williams


Composed by: jesse strickland


Composed by: dave molk
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